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Welcome to Lakeland Village HOA

Lakeland Village is a non-gated subdivision located at the west end of Garden City, Idaho, consisting of 165 homes, including 66 patio homes.

There are eight small lakes that are used for fishing, non-motorized boating, and swimming. We also enjoy widely disbursed common areas, with waterfalls and enjoyable walking paths. The Lakeland Village path system also joins the City of Garden City's Greenbelt pathway which, in some areas, follows the path of the Boise River.

Dealing with Unauthorized Fishing

Lakeland Village Lakes Map

Recently, owners have expressed frustration regarding unauthorized fishing in the subdivision. I've also heard from owners who expressed concern that family members were treated inappropriately when fishing or using the ponds.

It's sometimes difficult to tell whether a fisherman actually lives in the subdivision, but here are a few tips:

  • It's best not to confront those using the ponds. Contact Ada County Dispatch at (208) 377-6790 to report inappropriate or unauthorized activities.
  • Encourage family and/or visitors to have a fishing tag and place it in a visible location. If you need additional tags, please contact April Arnold at <aarnold@sentrymgt.com>.
  • Fishing, swimming or boating are for Lakeland Village homeowners and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied by the homeowner at all times.

Stop Feeding Waterfowl!

Some people enjoy feeding waterfowl. They visit lakes, ponds, and town parks to toss bread, corn, popcorn, or table scraps to the ducks and geese that congregate in these places. Some people say that it makes them feel good to help the ducks ... that it brings the ducks closer for their kids to see ... that it's an escape from the daily grind. Artificial feeding is actually harmful to waterfowl. Read more....

What to Feed Ducks

In general, it is not a good idea to feed wild birds as it will increase their dependence on us for survival - and the food humans frequently feed them (such as bread and chips) is utterly unsuitable for them and can cause multiple health problems for them down the line. Read more....

Lakeland Village Board & Committees

Board Members

President: Martin Hambalek 
Vice-President: Tessie Page
Secretary: Brad Harwood 
Treasurer: John O’Keeffe 
Director: Julie Stocker
Director: Monique Thurber 
Director: Andrew Okronick

ACC Committee

Tessie Page
Thad Webster
John Julian

Waterways Committee

Dwight Eck
Mike Steelsmith
Bill Jacobs 

Landscape Committee

Dave Duncan
Sandra Sweet
Lynn Murray
Heather Horwood
Monique Thurber


Please complete the form and forward to April Arnold, Community Manager at boise@sentrymgt.com

The ACC will issue a response within two weeks. 

Mailbox Stand Replacement 

Suggested vendor: Iron Works

Address: 112 W 33rd St, Garden City, ID 83714

Phone: (208) 426-9776

website: http://www.ironworksidaho.com/

Common Grounds

*   Common Area Landscape Schedule

*   Detailed Services 2022-2023

*   Sterling's Additional Services 

*   Lakeland Village Addendum C Map

New Ideas for a Mature Subdivision

Dry, but far from desolate growing native and drought-tolerant plants saves money and water while celebrating Idaho's landscape Idaho Statesman June 25, 2007 (article no longer available).

Noxious Weed Awareness

This Noxious Weed List (website) contains information about Idaho's 66 noxious weeds.

Idaho Weed Awareness: Every year, noxious weeds cause our state over $300 million in lost revenue. 

For more information on milfoil and taxifolia please read the Idaho Noxious Weed Alert Brochure.

"Native plants have grown up here and have adapted to our neighborhoods, day length, extremes of heat and cold, soils of the desert and ancient river benches...."



Fishing Tags - All Lakeland Village Fishing Tags Are Valid.

Owners who fish on Lakeland Village Ponds should attach a “fishing tag” to their equipment or attire to insure that others know you live in the neighborhood! Contact Community Manager, April Arnold <boise@sentrymgt.com> to request your tags. 

Our Ponds and Waterways

*   Waterways Fishing Rules & Regulations
*   Lakeland Village Lakes Map  

We ask homeowners to always be cognizant of our ponds and help in the following ways:

  • LITTER: Avoid littering and pick up litter when possible.
  • FERTILIZER & TREATMENTS: Please do not fertilize any of the common area grasses or trees without permission from the Landscape Manager. Fertilizers end up in the ponds if spread too close to their edges. Do not treat ponds for algae.


   Waterways Cont'd....

  • VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: Take care in washing cars to avoid spillage of detergent and oils that end up as a sheen of oils and soaps on the water of our ponds.
  • FISHING: Please enjoy fishing Lakeland Village.

 **** Fishing is for residents and their families only; guests are allowed only with the resident present.

**** Catch-and-release techniques should be used on our ponds.

**** Barb-less hooks, artificial lures and flies should be used exclusively.

About Lakeland Village Patio Homes

The Lakeland Village Patio Homes consist of 66 homes within the Lakeland Village Subdivision: 22 homes on Waterway Court on the northwest side of Lakeland; on the east side of Lakeland are 11 homes on Gull Rock, 10 homes on Duxbury Pier, 15 homes on Bandon, and 8 homes on Ulmer.

Patio Homes Governing Docs

The Bylaws clarify the governing requirements.

The Articles of Incorporation establish the association and its related subdivision grounds. 

Assessment Due Dates

  1. January 1 - Master
  2. July 1 - Master 
  3. March 1 - Patio Homes
  4. June 1 - Patio Homes

Patio Homes Board of Directors

President: Brad Harwood (Gull Rock)

Vice President:  Sue Winn (Waterway)       

Treasurer: Brad Harwood (Gull Rock)

Director: Donna De Tullio (Bandon)

Director: Julie Stocker (Duxbury)


Patio Homes Lawn Care Committee

Waterway Court:  Sue Winn – Chair
Gull Rock:  Margaret Christensen
Duxbury: Julie Stocker
Bandon: Pat Schlitt
Ulmer: Ann Fisk



Patio Homes Lawn Maintenance

All patio homeowners are provided lawn maintenance for their individual homes through an additional annual assessment. (For current assessment amount, please contact the management company.) Lawn maintenance includes the following:

  • Sprinkler turn on in the spring and blow out in the fall
  • Mow, edge, trim & blow-off of sidewalks & driveways weekly during the season
  • Fertilizations, sprays and treatments

2022-2023 Lawn Care Maintenance Schedule